Oregon Zoo Portland

Mountain Goat Mountain Goat 5D 012596 (Large) 5D 012597 (Large)
5D 012600-2 (Large) 5D 012603 (Large) 5D 012604-vane c (Large) 5D 012605 (Large)
5D 012607-otter sculpture (Large) Sea Otter Sea Otter Steller Sea Lion
5D 012721 (Large) Humboldt Penguin Luna the Penguin Luna the Penguin
Luna the Penguin Lizard White Cheeked Gibbon 5D 012862 2 (Large)
Lions Lions Lion Family Lions
Lions Golden Breasted Starling Emerald Starling Speckled Mousebird
Speckled Mousebird Masked Weaver Red Billed Hornbill Red Billed Hornbill
Violet Backed Starling Violet Backed Starling Red-billed Oxpecker 5D 013199 2 (Large)
Speke's Gazelle Speke's Gazelle Gerenuk Gerenuks
Gerenuk 5D 013277 (Large) 5D 013281 2 (Large) 5D 013283 (Large)
5D 013290 (Large) Giraffe 5D 013296 (Large) 5D 013297 (Large)
Straw colored fruit bat Rodrigues Flying Fox Fruit Bats Fruit Bats
Fruit Bat Allen's Swamp Monkey 5D 013457 2 (Large) 5D 013458 (Large)
5D 013461 (Large) 5D 013464 (Large) Sacred Ibis Sacred Ibis with Hadada Ibis in the nest!
Fulvous Whistling Duck 5D 013527 2 (Large) 5D 013545 2 (Large) 5D 013553 2 (Large)
Green naped Lorikeet Lorikeet.  I was told this was not a Dusky or a Duyvenbode's Lory, but a very rare lory they couldn't remember the name of! 5D 013625 (Large) 5D 013626 tulip (Large)