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I just love animals.  Period.   I love them until it hurts :)

White Cheeked Gibbon - Diana Hromish

Buff Cheeked Gibbon


Spider Monkey - Diana Hromish

Black Handed Spider Monkey


White Cheeked Gibbon - Diana Hromish

White Cheeked Gibbon

Colobus Monkey - Diana Hromish

Colobus Monkey


Schmidt's Spotnose Guenon

Schmidt's Spotnose Guenon


Wolf Guenon - Diana Hromish

Wolf's Guenon


Pygmy Marmoset - Diana Hromish

Pygmy Marmoset



Squirrel Monkey - Diana Hromish

Squirrel Monkey


Goeldi's Monkey - Diana Hromish

Goeldi's Monkey


Ringtailed Lemurs - Diana Hromish

Ringtail Lemurs


Emperor Tamarin - Diana Hromish

Emperor Tamarin


Spider Monkey - Diana Hromish

Spider Monkey


Mandril - Diana Hromish



Mandril - Diana Hromish



Lion and cub - Diana Hromish

Lion & Cub


lion cub asali lioness photograph diana hromish

Asali the Lion Cub with Mom


asali lion cub photograph diana hromish

Asali Lion Cub


serval photo by diana hromish









tiger photo taken by diana hromish



Oscelot - Diana Hromish



Cheetahs - Diana Hromish



Cougar - Diana Hromish




Duiker - Diana Hromish

Reeve's Muntjac


baby red panda photo by diana hromish

Baby Red Panda


Elephants - Diana Hromish



baby gorilla photograph diana hromish

Gorilla and Baby


Lesser Kudu - Diana Hromish

Lesser Kudu


Bat Eared Fox - Diana Hromish

Bat Eared Fox


Meerkat - Diana Hromish



Pygmy Mongoose - Diana Hromish

Pygmy Mongoose



Dik Dik - Diana Hromish

Dik Dik


Steenbok - Diana Hromish



Giraffes - Diana Hromish




Newborn horse - Diana Hromish



Bull Elk - Diana Hromish



mountain goat mt evans colorado by diana hromish

Mountain Goat


elk rocky mountain national park by diana hromish

Elk - Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park

baby mountain goat with mom mt evans colorado by diana hromish

Baby Mountain Goat - attended


Mountain Sheep - Diana Hromish

Mountain Sheep



Mexican Gray Wolf - Diana Hromish

Mexican Gray Wolf


Prairie Dog -Diana Hromish

Prairie Dog


Snow Leopard Cub - Diana Hromish

Snow Leopard Cub


Snow Leopard - Diana Hromish

Snow Leopard

arctic fox photo by diana hromish

Arctic Fox


Wallaby - Diana Hromish



Lizard - Diana Hromish



Straw Colored Fruit Bat - Diana Hromish

Straw Colored Fruit Bat


asian black bear mom photo by diana hromish

Asian Black Bear


grizzly bear photo by diana hromish

Grizzly Bear






collie and westie photo by diana hromish

Lassie and friend


squirrel photo by diana hromish

Well-fed Squirrel at Michele's



bunny rabbit hiding behind flowers photo by diana hromish



bunny rabbit photo by diana hromish



triggerfish denver aquarium photo by diana hromish


tree frog photo by diana hromish

Green Tree Frog

moon jellyfish denver aquarium photo by diana hromish

Moon Jellyfish


octopus tentacle denver aquarium photo by diana hromish

Octopus Tentacle




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