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Anita Hromish is my sister and the person who inspired my love for photography.  Though we live thousands of miles apart, whenever we're together we're out with our cameras!  You will enjoy seeing her photography at
Anita Hromish - Thru My Eyes Photography
Bonnie Fisher, my niece, is a Registered Yoga Teacher and is building a fine business as owner of BonZai Yoga LLC!  I designed her business card, brochure, and website.  Check out the benefits of Yoga with Bonnie at
Laura Gordon is my sister, and she does fabulous work on websites, graphics, cards, art, you name it!  She showed me the ropes on getting my site together (she did the website work on Susan's and Evonne's sites as well, links below). 
Michael Gordon is Laura's son; the apple did not fall far from the tree in this family!  He does an outstanding job with his art work.  Many of his drawings are suitable for tattoos; he also does excellent web work.  Please visit his site at
Karen Jacks has been a friend of mine since high school; she is an extremely gifted artist, specializing in graphics, illustration and assemblage.  She is a multi-faceted and fascinating individual!
Karen Jacks Artist Illustration Design Assemblage

Jeff Stark - works in the IT Dept. with me at my day job, and also has a keen eye for photography, focusing on architecture and textures.

Incredible quilting by Susan Vasallo!

Evonne Vey - Pet portraiture and more!


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